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Moore, James Aaron; Union League of America; Lauderdale County (Miss.)

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The Meridian Gazette, of the 4th inst., speaks of considerable excitement there, in consequence of startling news as to negro raids. It appears that on Saturday night the negroes at Marion and Meridian were organized through the Loyal Leagues into military companies. Three Captains were elected at Marion and two at Meridian. The idea was to make a raid on the merchants at both places, demand provisions and clothing, and if their requirements were not complied with, take what they wanted by force; and if resistance was offered, burn both towns. It is said the military organization is commanded by J. Aaron Moore, a negro, and that all the different companies are officered and thoroughly armed. The military at Meridian were apprised of the contemplated attack, and were ready to meet it. The Gazette says that it can be relied on that the negroes meet in their League meetings armed; that they are organized into military companies; that many of them are destitute of food and clothing; refuse to labor, and threaten to take what they want by force. They also arrest negroes who do not attend the meetings, and are inaugurating a reign of terror over those who will not join them.





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