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Moore, James Aaron; Union League of America

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A negro, named John Walker, who was rather conspicuous at the polls here, as a democratic electioneerer, went up to the African church last Saturday night, on the invitation of a colored brother, where he was whipped severely by members of the Loyal League. Aaron Moore, William Clopton, Alex. Johnson, Tobe Griffin, Gus Gould, Joe. Edmunds, Robt. McNeil and others were arrested upon Walker's making affidavit to the facts, and they were arraigned before Justice Bramlette, Monday morning last, at 10 o'clock, to answer a charge of conspiracy to commit, and committing an assault and battery upon the body of said Walker. On motion of the prosecutor the charge was dismissed as to Alex. Johnson, who expressed a willingness to divulge the whole truth in the matter. The circumstances of the case are about these:

John Walker who is comparatively a stranger here, went in company with another negro to the African Church about 11 o'clock of the night of the 4th inst. Arrived at the church, his companion entered, but some one ordered him to remain outside. He sat down on the door step, and shortly afterwards, McNeil came out and asked several questions as to whether he belonged to the League, what he was doing there &c. Walker replied, that he had belonged to the League in Alabama but had not joined here, and had come up to attend church. By this time several had gathered around him and one exclaimed, "You have no business here, you are a d----d democrat any how and is sont here as a spy." McNeil then went back into the house, and Sam Midnight and another negro were placed as a guard over him. After consultation within John, under charge of the two black guards, was conducted into the august presence of the officers of the League. Gen J. Aaron Moore then put about the same questions to him as McNeil had, and then as the testimony shows, went off in company with his adjutant, Clopton, leaving unsophisticated John to the tender mercies of Gus. Gould and his confederates - left him amid the angry, muttering leaguers, and of course Aaron knows nothing about was done. The sequel is soon told. The excited negroes took their victim into the woods, stripped him, and wore out a considerable quantity of shrubbery upon his person, and after they had vented their fury upon him, told him if he didn't get out of the State at a double quick, his throat, would be cut from ear to ear - Meridian Gazette, July 8.

How about Democratic violence and intimidation? Colored men according to Radical statements can vote the Democratic ticket without molestation at their hands, but if one votes the Radical ticket, violence and intimidation at the hands of the rebels is the result. But how does this affair tally with their statements?




Vicksburg Herald, “Vicksburg Herald clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed December 9, 2023,

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