New Orleans Republican clipping

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Important Railroad Meeting.

We copy the following report from the Vicksburg Times:

On the nineteenth instant a meeting of the board of directors of the Vicksburg, Pensacola and Ship Island railroad was held at the office of Laz Lindsey, Esq., at which time the resignation of Dr. Thomas W. Stringer, a director, was tendered and received. The resignation of Dr. Stringer being received, the board elected to fill the vacancy General N. H. Harris. There being also another vacancy in the directory, it was filled by the election of B. R. Thomas, Esq., president of the Vicksburg bank. Dr. J. T. Smith, the president of the company, thereupon tendered his resignation, stating that as he resided in Columbus, it was impossible for him to give that attention to the business of the company which was required. The directory refused to accept the resignation of Dr. Smith, except on condition that he accept the position of vice president, to which he reluctantly acceded. The resignation of Dr. Smith having been accepted, the vacancy was filled by electing General N. H. Harris president of the company, and Dr. J. T. Smith vice president.




New Orleans Republican, “New Orleans Republican clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed December 2, 2023,

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