Jermaine Thompson

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A version of this poem first appeared in Whale Road Review Spring 2019, Issue 14.

Please click on the poem to access a machine-readable version of the text. You may also visit for access.

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Jermaine Thompson was born and raised in Louisville, MS. Inspired by having to memorize Langston Hughes “Dreams” for a Black History Program at St. James Presbyterian Church, he’s been writing poetry since eighth grade. Jermaine has publications in The Pinch, Memorious, Whale Road Review, and Southern Indian Review among others. Jermaine earned his BA in English at Stillman College, his MA in English at Mississippi State University, and his MFA in Poetry at the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC). He currently teaches Black Studies at UMKC as well as 9th and 11th grade English at Pembroke Hill Upper School.