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The Negro's Memorial to Lee.

January 31, 1884.

Meeting called to order by Rev. Dr. Geo. W. Bryant, who stated its object as being that of making proper arrangements relative to the laying of the corner stone of the memorial to Gen'l Lee at the A. M. E. Church, of Jackson. Present, L. K. Atwood, F. L. Cory, S. W. Lewis, W. H. Allen, G. Horton, W. M. Robertson, P. Peyton, Geo. W. Butler and J. F. Henry. On motion L. K. Atwood was chosen President and S. W. Lewis, Vice President, Geo. W. Butler, Secretary.

Rev. Bryant made some remarks as to the manner of laying said stone. On motion a committee of arrangements was appointed by the President consisting of the following Representatives and Senators: J. T. Settle, Geo. W. Butler, S. W. Lewis, W. M. Robertson, P. Peyton, Geo. W. Gayles, J. F. Henry and Lem Moore. On motion President appointed a committee of invitation as follows: Milton Coates, L. K. Atwood, W. F. Allen, Gilbert Horton, F. L. Cory, J. R. Parker, M. M. McLeod. On motion Lewis, Allen and Horton were appointed to confer with the absent Representatives and Senators of the actions and object of said meeting, and solicit their assistance. On motion committee of arrangements was requested to appoint a subcommittee to select speakers, to deliver addresses on the laying of the corner stone, which is to be on Sunday February 10th 1884.

Ordered that the Daily Clarion and the NEW MISSISSIPPIAN be requested to publish the proceedings. Meeting adjourned.

L. K. ATWOOD, Pres't.
GEO. W. BUTLER, Secretary.


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