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A correspondent to the New National Era, writing from Cincinnati, claims to know a great deal about Mississippi matters, but in point of fact he knows nothing whatever, else he intentionally misrepresents us. Speaking of the election of sheriff in Washington county, this correspondent states that J. Allen Ross was deprived of the office of sheriff by unfair means, through the action of the board of supervisors, and also that colored men elsewhere in the state have been deprived of their positions on account of prejudice. This is not true.

Ross had several months in which to make his bond which was $124,000, of which he obtained about $6,100. The clerk of the court and every member of the board of supervisors are Republicans, four out of the five being colored; hence it is unfair to suppose that there was any prejudice on account of color in this case. So far as our knowledge goes there has been no unfair dealing among Republicans, at least on account of color, nor do we believe there has been any.




Vicksburg Daily Times, “Vicksburg Daily Times clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed October 3, 2023,

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