Views from the Gallery: Pictures of the original exhibit

The views you see below are shots of the original exhibit gallery, as seen in the Old Main Gallery on the Mississippi State University campus in 2017. The exhibit was designed in celebration of the Bicentennial of the State of Mississippi and was supported by funds from the Mississippi Humanities Council.

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Special thanks to the Museums and Galleries Committee of Mississippi State University:

Cobb Museum of Archaeology
Dunn-Seiler Museum
Mitchell Memorial Libraries Special Collections
Historic Textile Collection
Mississippi State University School of Veterinary Medicine
Mississippi State University Department of Wildlife and Fisheries
Mississippi Entomological Museum
Department of Biological Sciences Ornithology Collection
Mississippi State University Herbarium
Mississippi State University Department of Art
Mississippi State University Forest Products
Cully Cobb Tool Collection


Exhibit views: Old Main Gallery, Mississippi State University Museum

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Gallery Views