State Song and State Dance


This 45 record is a souvenir that was given to capitol building visitors in 1960-1964, when Governor Ross Barnett was in office. It played the original State Song of Mississippi, "Go, Mis-sis-sip-pi!"

Templeton Museum of Music - Special Collections Mitchell Memorial Library


Designated as State Song in 2021.
Written by Steve Azar in 2017.

The first state song of Mississippi had its origins in a 1959 campaign song for Ross Barnett called “Roll with Ross” which included lyrics to promote his platform of preserving racial segregation. In 1962 the legislature voted to make the tune the official state song of Mississippi, but not before the racist lyrics were removed, and the name of the song changed to, “Go, Mississippi”. In 2021, Governor Tate Reeves officially signed a bill to replace “Go, Mississippi” with a contemporary country song, “One Mississippi”, written by Greenville native, Steve Azar for the state’s bicentennial celebration.

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to Steve Azar and children from Greenville, Mississippi Sing "One Mississippi"


Students Square Dance at Perry Cafeteria.

Photo from Mississippi State Library Archives, photograph division.


Designated as State Folk Dance in 1995.

Square dancing has been an important part of rural communities, including Mississippi communities, for centuries.  Over thirty states have introduced legislation to make the American Square Dance the official folk dance of the United States of America. 

State Song and State Dance