William H. Allen (Coahoma County)


William H. Allen

State House: 1884-1887

Born: 1851 in Jackson, MS

Bio as given in the State Ledger of January 8, 1886: “educated in the High Schools of Vicksburg; has held the positions of Magistrate and Representative heretofore, and has taken great interest in the education of his race; is a planter, Republican, Methodist and married.” Listed on the 1880 census in Friars Point with wife Francis.

"I say the poor colored laborer, as well as the poor white laborer, will pay his poll-tax when able to do so, and take a pride in doing it; but I appeal to the House, in the name of God, and humanity, and justice, do not pass this bill."
(speech as printed in the Clarion-Ledger, 17 March 1886)